No Intruders Please!!

It isn’t very often that we have guests. Today, we had three, the ones in disguise. I don’t know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, but only I got the chance to meet the guests. I thanked God that he had made me smart enough to recognize the identity of the three. I figured out that although there were three of them, they were one. Happiness was at my doorstep today and I am glad it decided to drop by.

After watching television, I went to the kitchen to drink water. And what I saw from the window of the kitchen reminded me of a conversation that I had with my Maa (grandmother). We were talking about something and she said that when we aren’t at home, children from the neighbouring slums come and play around the swing in the verandah and in mummy’s playschool. That made me think that maybe I have seen them have a nice time at the swing but I don’t remember what my reaction to that was. Did I tell them to get off the swing and out of my house or said nothing?

But this afternoon, when I saw three little children having fun at the slides in the playschool, my brain got confused. I felt that I should tell them to go away but on the other side the very sight of those children smiling and having fun stopped me from telling them to go away. They wouldn’t have had the privilege of playing with a slide and if I snatch that moment of happiness from them, then that would be very cruel of me. Instead, I thought I would let them play and share their happiness with my own self.

Suddenly, I turned the tap on to wash my hands after trashing something and the noise of the flowing water made the children alert. They knew that it was time they sneaked out, before someone saw them and scolded them to get out. They knew someone was around so they decided to go down the slide for a last couple of times and leave. Out of anxiousness, I waited there till they left. When they left, I sighed of relief. The very fact that their moment of joy didn’t end up in shouting and scolding, made me happy.

I am intrigued how three intruders made me believe that they were my guests and how I hoped no one intruded in their moment of happiness!


14 thoughts on “No Intruders Please!!

  1. Very thoughtful
    God bless you always with such a nice way to look at the other side of our reactions for such routine life.

    Keep writing and keep thinking this way


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