A word wasn’t ever spoken. Greetings never exchanged. But I still know you cared for me and many others like me. I know you were overjoyed when I was happy and felt sad when I was not. You helped me develop as a human being. I wish I keep up with the littlest of your expectations. You gifted me a few treasures that I cannot forget for life long. You always had faith in me and my potential even though I never believe in myself. How otherwise could you have given me uncountable opportunities to employ my potential into something that could turn out to be the best?

Who and what are you, just a place or a name? You are the strongest pillar and mean to me fourteen years of my life, the most important fourteen years. Your orange flower always invites me to come to you and welcomes me with a shine when I smile at it. I take pride in telling people that I belong to you. I can’t help but cherish memories that I have had with you.

Do you remember that little girl with two ponytails holding hand of her parents and meeting you for the first time? That acquaintance changed in to experience, experience changed into my journey through time with you and is now about to change into memories. I know no matter how old I grow, these memories will never become faint and will remain the brightest forever.

I enjoyed many privileges as a teacher’s daughter. The one that I thoroughly enjoyed was that I could issue a Disney film CD from the library and take it home to watch with my friend or cousin. The fast ride on merry-go-round, the exciting multimedia period every week. That imaginary mission in that circular play area to mars in “free play” of sports period. Basket ball coaching and animation classes in summer camp are unforgettable. The time when I coloured the whole Diwali picture pink and won second prize and came to know that the first winner was someone who had coloured the whole picture blue.

Music classes were always interesting. Art classes were memorable in the art room where creativity reigns over every other aspect of human intelligence. Winning the first prize in every group activity in class 8. Having fun rehearsing for annual function every time. Writing poems and articles for the school newsletter was a nice experience. Making interesting things for Kaizen Carnival and Zyzeal was very much of fun! Overwhelmed to represent you at every competition that I was chosen to participate in.

I loved to do anchoring whenever I got chance, for the class assembly. I felt very happy when I was given a chance to perform Kathak, solo on stage. The time that I had with my friends was invaluable. You gave me a platform to learn many different things, especially French language. I came to know that I had a new interest and was pretty good at it. I also came to know about my interest in learning foreign languages and traveling the world. You taught me how to celebrate my childhood.

And the memory that is closest to me is, when I used to sit under the statue of the great man himself, our founder, waiting for my mother to come from her meeting, so that we could go home. I could feel the same warmth that I felt when with my grandparents. Only good thoughts ruled over my mind. I had never thought that a wait would be so motivating and inspiring that it would become so close to me. I will now shortly set out for a new journey. But this parting isn’t going to be sad, it will be happiest one! It is that parting which is about to test the person whom I have developed into, as a result of your priceless teachings!



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