Besieged Immunity 

Do you like when the tiny creatures on your body, 
Give you trouble and make you sick badly? 

The creatures make assaults,                                 How am I to overlook all their faults?

I want them to know,                                              The problems I face and realize to make a vow;

I don’t want to groom,                                                     Just give my trees their own room;

Snatching my ozone blanket while I am asleep,                                                                        Will make you drown in my tears when after anger I weep;

If my transparent blood will become poison,             That will be your dehydrating reason;

Who would like pimples so discrete,                  That too made of concrete?! 

When your skin is dry, you apply skin care emulsion,                                                                        But how do I manage this extreme aridity and soil erosion?

You think my seismic interferons could cause an apocalypse,                                                              But it’s you, who wants to attack my body and make it a corpse;

I let you live with me so you called me mother,      Now you grow up to technology and not even bother! 

Yours Truly,                                                                 Earth

-Ananya Shah



Most people consider their figures of faith to be a myth. While my figures of faith are not myths, there surely is something mythical about them. They are unfathomable! It is believed that immense amount of devotion is required for them to reciprocate their faith in us as a good human being and help us throughout the adversities of life but I do not believe so. They are always there with us in every step we take in life, be it a baby step or a step towards a mammoth task. 
  When we do an unethical act, we fear the very presence of our figures of faith, but as most people say, they are always watching and they surely do something to guide us out of our mistakes or in other words, sins. The fact that we face fear while doing something wrong, itself defines how pure our faith in them is. 

  As a young person, I believe in Karma but when I grow older and wiser I would not only like to learn the importance but also practice the art of worship by worshipping my figures of faith.If they can give us life we can at least accomplish things that they anticipate us to as a true human being. And the decisions they make of the path that we take in order to achieve are always the best. 

One question strikes our mind, why were we created in the very first place by our figures of faith, that is called existential dilemma.There are many people who have existential dilemma and they very often seek the answer from their figures of faith. But I have the answer from my figures of faith about my existence- to be loved. There is one thing that they have made me realize that the only heirloom worth preserving throughout the generations is love. The figures of faith who got me acquainted with the art of living and in whom I have unquestionable faith are undoubtedly My Parents!