Besieged Immunity 

Do you like when the tiny creatures on your body, 
Give you trouble and make you sick badly? 

The creatures make assaults,                                 How am I to overlook all their faults?

I want them to know,                                              The problems I face and realize to make a vow;

I don’t want to groom,                                                     Just give my trees their own room;

Snatching my ozone blanket while I am asleep,                                                                        Will make you drown in my tears when after anger I weep;

If my transparent blood will become poison,             That will be your dehydrating reason;

Who would like pimples so discrete,                  That too made of concrete?! 

When your skin is dry, you apply skin care emulsion,                                                                        But how do I manage this extreme aridity and soil erosion?

You think my seismic interferons could cause an apocalypse,                                                              But it’s you, who wants to attack my body and make it a corpse;

I let you live with me so you called me mother,      Now you grow up to technology and not even bother! 

Yours Truly,                                                                 Earth

-Ananya Shah


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