Is Perfect Any Better?

 Good and bad, the basics of that course, called life. All the parents tell their children to always take the path for good, some children are obedient while some are not, whereas some are never given the chance to be taught. My parents taught me that all these children maintain a balance, which is our requirement. Think of the world with all good and no bad, good just lost its importance and individuality. And now, the whole world with all bad and no good, perhaps in this world, it is way too cloudy for a silver lining to exist. Good is generally related to its estranged brother, Optimism. Optimism teaches a lot to people. No, not that test of perceiving a glass of water as half filled or half empty. That test tells you that if you responded half filled, you are an optimist, but if you responded half empty, you are a pessimist. Let’s look at it in another way, if the glass is half empty so it can be filled, thus, one can make progress. Doesn’t mean that I think that the test is wrong it simply means that only one question cannot certify someone’s ideology. 

The progression of good goes as, Good< Very Good< Excellent< Perfect. But one tends to forget that factor which makes good, very good- Better. Better is the one who makes Optimism meet its brother, Good. The spirit of making efforts to make things better is the ultimate sign of optimism. Attainment of perfection is when pessimism comes into the picture. Though perfection is out of our reach, let’s imagine it. 

Think when you are at the top of a mountain that’s the tallest, after having climbed all the other mountains, which means there is nothing above it. You cannot go further, meaning the only thing you can do is come down, owing to the concept of constant change. The moment of one’s achievement of perfection would be like thermodynamical equilibrium, that is, the end. You’ve seen the ultimate which means you are left with no personal goals anymore, this is the boundary. This can be understood if you relate it to limitations and restrictions, and how everyone loves to break out from it. Progress towards better is never out of reach, just the craving for perfection is the source of all grievances.

Thus as long as we can break out or see a silver lining to do the aforesaid, it’s getting better, and it always will get better. But perfection that we crave for cannot be attained and even if mistakenly one does reach the top of the mountain, the minute it gets cloudy you will crave to go back in time and find that silver lining.


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