​Festober 27, 2k16


This festive season, get a chance to meet and greet with our Welfare Minister, Mr. Tongue Taster. Produce any of your sweet and savoury delicacies, and win a chance to have a conversation and take selfies with our esteemed guest of honour, Mr. Taster!

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                                                                                 Festober 31, 2k16
FESTIVILLE: The most popularised Meet & Greet offer has been proved to be a political propaganda and some sort of a hoax, FFT has found that out from a reliable source. FFT brings for you the exclusive report from the winners of the contest.

Mr. Happy says, “I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Taster, it seemed as if I had pleased him a lot!” Here’s what Ms. Regret had to say about her experience,”It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Taster, especially with all of his favourite delicacies. He promised us a better and healthier environment within a few hours and hygiene over a long period of time, but the aftermath of the fake promise was devastating! Lots of waste and odour and no scope for any welfare. It seemed that we were backfired by our own cost of the huge expenditures of the delicacies.”
Dr. Care whose daughter was a contest winner says, “Just like so many of our ministers, this one too, turned out to be corrupt. The atmosphere of the place was really fascinating and memorable, he happily accepted delicacies but in turn gifted us only  layers of lipids and carbohydrates and grabbed and ran away with all the proteins, vitamins and minerals, we never should have brought him the delicacies!”
Ms. Content a fellow contest winner says that she  was pretty impressed with the whole concept and is looking forward to something like this next holiday season.

Ms. Sufferer, another winner says, “At first the conversation seemed so wonderful that I forgot how sensitive I am! I feel so sick and I am willing to contribute my digestive system to quality control research department so that they can very easily detect adulterated food stuffs and make sure they shut down the low quality delicacy sellers’ shops.” Hence, we figure that some citizens of Festiville seemed to have been unaffected by the set up whilst others have faced some pretty undesirable consequences. All we have to say is don’t rely on these ministers for welfare, they have a tendency to trick people into doing rather appealing and promising things but turn out to be disastrous. So, from next holiday season just take care and have fun!

Festivanya  Dshahwali