My Peace Weapon-Satisfaction 

An indescribable feeling which makes the mind so peaceful, you don’t feel like thinking and over-thinking ever again. Satisfaction comes to me as a multi-cuisine, seven-course meal! It is something I had discovered at a very young age in layman terms, only to discover it’s different forms later. Though, I can sleep without caring about the world at any point of time, getting some rest after finishing my homework/studies makes me feel like I deserve to sleep! And the ultimate word for satisfaction for us Gujaratis is “Haansh!” 
I experience satisfaction in little things, they maybe some moments with my parents, family and friends or something completely materialistic and seeing myself getting through my obsessions.

 I am a lazy person who believes in procrastination. To me watching TV or movie with an assignment pending is fine, but an outing with people with something pending makes me feel incomplete! Unfortunately, people fail to excite me at most times because my social skills fail to attract their attention. And obviously being denied existence is not a very satisfactory thing to happen. 

Smallest misunderstanding or misbehaviour with my loved ones makes me so tense that I want to clear it out within the smallest period of time. Their forgiveness gives me satisfaction!

 This is a rare case just like seasonal dishes, someone finds me humble, that’s like literally paying heed to me and my personality and adds to my satisfact-o-meter!
Jotting down my opinions and thoughts after a while at a stretch or scrolling through memories or photos by professional photographers or clicking one by myself, again gives me a weird yet true satisfaction! When I come across some amazing facts and information, it makes me feel like another good thing came past me. Even if I find a song that describes exactly my situation, like Wake me up- Avicii in the last two years of school and Why Georgia- John Mayer now, make me experience pleasure! All these things point out that it’s almost as if I find satisfaction in tumblr posts! 

Discovering satisfaction in burning calories has been a new and different experience for me. And receiving from the universe a present for waiting for something with hope has been yet another thing in my list of things that satisfy my satisfact-o-meter!

Satisfaction is so deeply embedded in my conscience that if I was to ever fail to achieve what I see through the lenses of my crazy ambitions (let’s hope that never happens) then I will gradually accept that I will have to settle for a pair of simple glasses than those fancy lenses and live with it! 

It isn’t something that is ever going to stop me from being ambitious and making sincere efforts towards fulfilling those ambitions but is a peace weapon that saves me from becoming despicable and over-desperate to sort of conquer something, find my peace and sanity and keeps me grounded! 
Hello there! Thanks for reading this! If you read this whole thank you so much. It is something personal and mainstream. Probably nothing out of the box or Unique. I appreciate your interest in reading my posts!!:))


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