The Hilarious Analogy 

In a world full of similes, there is a big one with two of the most popular topics these days. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Demonetisation policy and Doctor Strange a movie by Marvel. Let’s just say SOMEWHAT of a parallel universe according to Marvel’s belief in the Multiverse theory between the fictional world and India’s political world exists! 
Both Doctor Strange and Narendra Modi, are excellent at what they do. While, at a point of time in their life a leader gets an amazing breakthrough to the top position of a nation and the other a breakdown, an accident which leads him to get extraordinary breakthroughs. 
Lal Krishna Advani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee inspire NaMo and the Ancient One inspires Dr. Strange. BJP is Narendra Modi’s political lifeline and Christina is Dr. Strange’s emotional and at times a literal one. Apparently, both are fluent in Google Translate!
Both wipe out a past bright then doomed figure: Congress and Kaecilius. And take their respective worlds by storm! One by taking a harsh but phenomenal decision and the other by creating a storm of time loops to knock out corruption plus black money and Dormmamu- the eternal darkness respectively! 
In case you think I’ve forgotten, both bargain effectively to get what they want! One bargained by curbing the flow of black money speculating even darker future of the nation and the other, asked for a time less than eternity fore-looking the tormenting eternal future. 
That was a dose of the so-called, self-created new genre of Science Non-fiction of Fiction! 😜
-Devang Shah & Ananya Shah


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