Resonance in senescence 

 Across the river lives a spirit,                                     The possessions of whom, the new city doesn’t wish to inherit;

Raised generations and nurtured several childhoods, said it,                                                                        Youth gave aspirations that made them split;

With beautifully carved and archaic windows and doors,                                                                              Is the City that never experienced downpours;

Its beauty, the tourists loved,                                     Yet the natives rejected;

Cow dung, narrow streets, traffic jam everywhere,                                                                               Forgotten have they, they’ve had roots from there?

A population grew socially,                                          Led a life of simplicity;

A few smiles are still living,                             Responses and visitors are they awaiting;

Some streets forgotten and isolated, others at the mercy of trade,                                                         Will the glory of the roots of Amdavadis, so quickly fade?

Established by a crown,                                                 Will it outgrow into a ghost town?!

Kindly visit there often,                                           Temples and Heritage sites are wide open;

 And don’t let this elegy,                                                 Turn into a eulogy

-Ananya Shah 


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