Fen & Family


My name is Fen. I am Indian and I live with my mother and brother, Zee.

I was born in 2008. I had 3 other brothers, Butterball, Biscuit chewer and Relée were the names given out of affection. Our guardian loved us a lot. She was generous and kind but didn’t know much about nutrition. She gave us sweet biscuits but little did she know that it was not good for us. We were a happy family, my brothers, my mother, our guardian and me. Our guardian used to call her friends from the neighbourhood, who too loved us. I always thought that my guardian was biased towards Butterball and Biscuit chewer. She always told that they were incredibly cute and I was always lazy and sleepy.

Later, our guardian got busy in some work and almost forgot that we ever existed. This was after a year when her favourite, Butterball passed away in a car accident and Biscuit chewer lost one of his leg. One day, Relée just got lost and we couldn’t find him. I saw my guardian talking to herself that I had grown up to be sharp and smart just like Zee. And now we didn’t need her. That was not true! We loved her but she didn’t care for us anymore. I have two aunts, Bhoori and Jhari. I had an uncle, but he too passed away of rabies. Oh! I almost forgot that I was introducing myself.

        I am a Dog, no specific breed. Our breed is – Street Dog. Bhoori auntie is a Buffalo , Jhari auntie a Cow and Uncle was a camel. My mother is too old now, She was in a shock when Biscuit chewer died and Zee lost one of his legs. She can hear and see less. Here are a few details about me-
Address- A big house in Ahmedabad (Basically, Homeless)
Source of food- The leftovers in the dustbin and hawker’s tomatoes
Sleeping place- In the garden or under the car
Occupation- Unemployed, so loitering and collecting food
Aggressive about – (I hate caste system) Cannot help barking when I see those spoiled brats- German Shepherd, Poodle or Pomeranian in cars.
Happiest moment- When somebody sympathizes and gives food to eat.
          I am very well acquainted with this whole system now. I wish I could do something about it. But I very well know that we, Street dogs are fate less and never taken care of, creatures. I dislike people like our guardian, she took good care of us and we started loving her but she left us, when she realized she couldn’t do anything for us. She said that we didn’t need her anymore, like an escapist. Even then, whenever I see her, I am reminded of our good days and when I try to approach her, she shoos me away.
        My intention here, is not to arise pity but compassion for us. As I think that in India, not only are the people homeless, malnourished and overpopulated but even dogs! Thank you for reading this and if you can do nothing, can you just pray for the fate of my family and other families like us?!
                                                                                                                    -Ananya Shah


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