A sketch of words

Raised by ink and paper,
She thought she was as volatile as vapour;

Nurtured by intellect,                                               Greater things had she started to expect;

Only to hear there was a voice greater than hers,   Never realised, with teamwork this world stirs;

I am not practical but only abstract,                             Is that why I cannot make impact?

A statesman explained: “you have immense power”,                                                                                       Ironic is his name who doesn’t like to do what he states but rather manoeuvre;

She discovered her emotions were for fiction,              Not to draft a human’s virtues of conviction;

Her grief was widespread,
Humans’ not committing is what she had dread;

Her team is best with Action,                            ‘Human of word’- God forgot to initiate this speciation;

 Verbal and written beautifully will she stay passive and stolid,                                                                  Or will she become decorated into something solid?


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