My Peace Weapon-Satisfaction 

An indescribable feeling which makes the mind so peaceful, you don’t feel like thinking and over-thinking ever again. Satisfaction comes to me as a multi-cuisine, seven-course meal! It is something I had discovered at a very young age in layman terms, only to discover it’s different forms later. Though, I can sleep without caring about the world at any point of time, getting some rest after finishing my homework/studies makes me feel like I deserve to sleep! And the ultimate word for satisfaction for us Gujaratis is “Haansh!” 
I experience satisfaction in little things, they maybe some moments with my parents, family and friends or something completely materialistic and seeing myself getting through my obsessions.

 I am a lazy person who believes in procrastination. To me watching TV or movie with an assignment pending is fine, but an outing with people with something pending makes me feel incomplete! Unfortunately, people fail to excite me at most times because my social skills fail to attract their attention. And obviously being denied existence is not a very satisfactory thing to happen. 

Smallest misunderstanding or misbehaviour with my loved ones makes me so tense that I want to clear it out within the smallest period of time. Their forgiveness gives me satisfaction!

 This is a rare case just like seasonal dishes, someone finds me humble, that’s like literally paying heed to me and my personality and adds to my satisfact-o-meter!
Jotting down my opinions and thoughts after a while at a stretch or scrolling through memories or photos by professional photographers or clicking one by myself, again gives me a weird yet true satisfaction! When I come across some amazing facts and information, it makes me feel like another good thing came past me. Even if I find a song that describes exactly my situation, like Wake me up- Avicii in the last two years of school and Why Georgia- John Mayer now, make me experience pleasure! All these things point out that it’s almost as if I find satisfaction in tumblr posts! 

Discovering satisfaction in burning calories has been a new and different experience for me. And receiving from the universe a present for waiting for something with hope has been yet another thing in my list of things that satisfy my satisfact-o-meter!

Satisfaction is so deeply embedded in my conscience that if I was to ever fail to achieve what I see through the lenses of my crazy ambitions (let’s hope that never happens) then I will gradually accept that I will have to settle for a pair of simple glasses than those fancy lenses and live with it! 

It isn’t something that is ever going to stop me from being ambitious and making sincere efforts towards fulfilling those ambitions but is a peace weapon that saves me from becoming despicable and over-desperate to sort of conquer something, find my peace and sanity and keeps me grounded! 
Hello there! Thanks for reading this! If you read this whole thank you so much. It is something personal and mainstream. Probably nothing out of the box or Unique. I appreciate your interest in reading my posts!!:))


The Hilarious Analogy 

In a world full of similes, there is a big one with two of the most popular topics these days. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Demonetisation policy and Doctor Strange a movie by Marvel. Let’s just say SOMEWHAT of a parallel universe according to Marvel’s belief in the Multiverse theory between the fictional world and India’s political world exists! 
Both Doctor Strange and Narendra Modi, are excellent at what they do. While, at a point of time in their life a leader gets an amazing breakthrough to the top position of a nation and the other a breakdown, an accident which leads him to get extraordinary breakthroughs. 
Lal Krishna Advani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee inspire NaMo and the Ancient One inspires Dr. Strange. BJP is Narendra Modi’s political lifeline and Christina is Dr. Strange’s emotional and at times a literal one. Apparently, both are fluent in Google Translate!
Both wipe out a past bright then doomed figure: Congress and Kaecilius. And take their respective worlds by storm! One by taking a harsh but phenomenal decision and the other by creating a storm of time loops to knock out corruption plus black money and Dormmamu- the eternal darkness respectively! 
In case you think I’ve forgotten, both bargain effectively to get what they want! One bargained by curbing the flow of black money speculating even darker future of the nation and the other, asked for a time less than eternity fore-looking the tormenting eternal future. 
That was a dose of the so-called, self-created new genre of Science Non-fiction of Fiction! 😜
-Devang Shah & Ananya Shah


When will they quit goldbricking?                         Even to me, the lifeless has this started pricking!

Put the suits on and get the thing done,                Bring clarity to the world: blindness from reality to which it is prone;

Mockery at it’s best-justice delayed,                   Victims dead or alive, who cares: case closed; well played!

Several approvals pending for laws,                  Taking decades to correct the flaws?!

Ideas awaiting execution as a policy,                       Not needed now, pass the documents as a legacy.

I am a ribbon, living the life of tortoises,               Could anyone help me break out from this folly, the society poses?!

 Is Perfect Any Better?

 Good and bad, the basics of that course, called life. All the parents tell their children to always take the path for good, some children are obedient while some are not, whereas some are never given the chance to be taught. My parents taught me that all these children maintain a balance, which is our requirement. Think of the world with all good and no bad, good just lost its importance and individuality. And now, the whole world with all bad and no good, perhaps in this world, it is way too cloudy for a silver lining to exist. Good is generally related to its estranged brother, Optimism. Optimism teaches a lot to people. No, not that test of perceiving a glass of water as half filled or half empty. That test tells you that if you responded half filled, you are an optimist, but if you responded half empty, you are a pessimist. Let’s look at it in another way, if the glass is half empty so it can be filled, thus, one can make progress. Doesn’t mean that I think that the test is wrong it simply means that only one question cannot certify someone’s ideology. 

The progression of good goes as, Good< Very Good< Excellent< Perfect. But one tends to forget that factor which makes good, very good- Better. Better is the one who makes Optimism meet its brother, Good. The spirit of making efforts to make things better is the ultimate sign of optimism. Attainment of perfection is when pessimism comes into the picture. Though perfection is out of our reach, let’s imagine it. 

Think when you are at the top of a mountain that’s the tallest, after having climbed all the other mountains, which means there is nothing above it. You cannot go further, meaning the only thing you can do is come down, owing to the concept of constant change. The moment of one’s achievement of perfection would be like thermodynamical equilibrium, that is, the end. You’ve seen the ultimate which means you are left with no personal goals anymore, this is the boundary. This can be understood if you relate it to limitations and restrictions, and how everyone loves to break out from it. Progress towards better is never out of reach, just the craving for perfection is the source of all grievances.

Thus as long as we can break out or see a silver lining to do the aforesaid, it’s getting better, and it always will get better. But perfection that we crave for cannot be attained and even if mistakenly one does reach the top of the mountain, the minute it gets cloudy you will crave to go back in time and find that silver lining.

Besieged Immunity 

Do you like when the tiny creatures on your body, 
Give you trouble and make you sick badly? 

The creatures make assaults,                                 How am I to overlook all their faults?

I want them to know,                                              The problems I face and realize to make a vow;

I don’t want to groom,                                                     Just give my trees their own room;

Snatching my ozone blanket while I am asleep,                                                                        Will make you drown in my tears when after anger I weep;

If my transparent blood will become poison,             That will be your dehydrating reason;

Who would like pimples so discrete,                  That too made of concrete?! 

When your skin is dry, you apply skin care emulsion,                                                                        But how do I manage this extreme aridity and soil erosion?

You think my seismic interferons could cause an apocalypse,                                                              But it’s you, who wants to attack my body and make it a corpse;

I let you live with me so you called me mother,      Now you grow up to technology and not even bother! 

Yours Truly,                                                                 Earth

-Ananya Shah


Most people consider their figures of faith to be a myth. While my figures of faith are not myths, there surely is something mythical about them. They are unfathomable! It is believed that immense amount of devotion is required for them to reciprocate their faith in us as a good human being and help us throughout the adversities of life but I do not believe so. They are always there with us in every step we take in life, be it a baby step or a step towards a mammoth task. 
  When we do an unethical act, we fear the very presence of our figures of faith, but as most people say, they are always watching and they surely do something to guide us out of our mistakes or in other words, sins. The fact that we face fear while doing something wrong, itself defines how pure our faith in them is. 

  As a young person, I believe in Karma but when I grow older and wiser I would not only like to learn the importance but also practice the art of worship by worshipping my figures of faith.If they can give us life we can at least accomplish things that they anticipate us to as a true human being. And the decisions they make of the path that we take in order to achieve are always the best. 

One question strikes our mind, why were we created in the very first place by our figures of faith, that is called existential dilemma.There are many people who have existential dilemma and they very often seek the answer from their figures of faith. But I have the answer from my figures of faith about my existence- to be loved. There is one thing that they have made me realize that the only heirloom worth preserving throughout the generations is love. The figures of faith who got me acquainted with the art of living and in whom I have unquestionable faith are undoubtedly My Parents!


A word wasn’t ever spoken. Greetings never exchanged. But I still know you cared for me and many others like me. I know you were overjoyed when I was happy and felt sad when I was not. You helped me develop as a human being. I wish I keep up with the littlest of your expectations. You gifted me a few treasures that I cannot forget for life long. You always had faith in me and my potential even though I never believe in myself. How otherwise could you have given me uncountable opportunities to employ my potential into something that could turn out to be the best?

Who and what are you, just a place or a name? You are the strongest pillar and mean to me fourteen years of my life, the most important fourteen years. Your orange flower always invites me to come to you and welcomes me with a shine when I smile at it. I take pride in telling people that I belong to you. I can’t help but cherish memories that I have had with you.

Do you remember that little girl with two ponytails holding hand of her parents and meeting you for the first time? That acquaintance changed in to experience, experience changed into my journey through time with you and is now about to change into memories. I know no matter how old I grow, these memories will never become faint and will remain the brightest forever.

I enjoyed many privileges as a teacher’s daughter. The one that I thoroughly enjoyed was that I could issue a Disney film CD from the library and take it home to watch with my friend or cousin. The fast ride on merry-go-round, the exciting multimedia period every week. That imaginary mission in that circular play area to mars in “free play” of sports period. Basket ball coaching and animation classes in summer camp are unforgettable. The time when I coloured the whole Diwali picture pink and won second prize and came to know that the first winner was someone who had coloured the whole picture blue.

Music classes were always interesting. Art classes were memorable in the art room where creativity reigns over every other aspect of human intelligence. Winning the first prize in every group activity in class 8. Having fun rehearsing for annual function every time. Writing poems and articles for the school newsletter was a nice experience. Making interesting things for Kaizen Carnival and Zyzeal was very much of fun! Overwhelmed to represent you at every competition that I was chosen to participate in.

I loved to do anchoring whenever I got chance, for the class assembly. I felt very happy when I was given a chance to perform Kathak, solo on stage. The time that I had with my friends was invaluable. You gave me a platform to learn many different things, especially French language. I came to know that I had a new interest and was pretty good at it. I also came to know about my interest in learning foreign languages and traveling the world. You taught me how to celebrate my childhood.

And the memory that is closest to me is, when I used to sit under the statue of the great man himself, our founder, waiting for my mother to come from her meeting, so that we could go home. I could feel the same warmth that I felt when with my grandparents. Only good thoughts ruled over my mind. I had never thought that a wait would be so motivating and inspiring that it would become so close to me. I will now shortly set out for a new journey. But this parting isn’t going to be sad, it will be happiest one! It is that parting which is about to test the person whom I have developed into, as a result of your priceless teachings!


No Intruders Please!!

It isn’t very often that we have guests. Today, we had three, the ones in disguise. I don’t know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, but only I got the chance to meet the guests. I thanked God that he had made me smart enough to recognize the identity of the three. I figured out that although there were three of them, they were one. Happiness was at my doorstep today and I am glad it decided to drop by.

After watching television, I went to the kitchen to drink water. And what I saw from the window of the kitchen reminded me of a conversation that I had with my Maa (grandmother). We were talking about something and she said that when we aren’t at home, children from the neighbouring slums come and play around the swing in the verandah and in mummy’s playschool. That made me think that maybe I have seen them have a nice time at the swing but I don’t remember what my reaction to that was. Did I tell them to get off the swing and out of my house or said nothing?

But this afternoon, when I saw three little children having fun at the slides in the playschool, my brain got confused. I felt that I should tell them to go away but on the other side the very sight of those children smiling and having fun stopped me from telling them to go away. They wouldn’t have had the privilege of playing with a slide and if I snatch that moment of happiness from them, then that would be very cruel of me. Instead, I thought I would let them play and share their happiness with my own self.

Suddenly, I turned the tap on to wash my hands after trashing something and the noise of the flowing water made the children alert. They knew that it was time they sneaked out, before someone saw them and scolded them to get out. They knew someone was around so they decided to go down the slide for a last couple of times and leave. Out of anxiousness, I waited there till they left. When they left, I sighed of relief. The very fact that their moment of joy didn’t end up in shouting and scolding, made me happy.

I am intrigued how three intruders made me believe that they were my guests and how I hoped no one intruded in their moment of happiness!